Pre-Contract Renewal/Bid Customer Survey Can Be A Real Eye Opener

purchased service survey

Robert T. Yokl, President, SVAH Solutions

It All Starts with Conformance to Requirements

One tactic that I have found invaluable in my quest to improve purchased service quality is a “Pre-Contract Renewal/Bid Customer Survey” conducted within 90 days of a contract renewal/bid. The survey would be sent to all customers and stakeholders of a renewal contract. From my experience, it can make all the difference between who you renew or bid your next contract to. It all starts with conformance to requirements!


Naturally, you will have your own survey questions for your “Pre-Contract Renewal/Bid Customer Survey” that could be much longer and more complex than my example. My point here is that you will be able to bid/negotiate your renewal contracts more effectively by evaluating your current contractors’ performance. This tool opened my eyes about my contractors’ conformance to requirements and service quality because, in many survey results, the contractors didn’t meet my customers’ minimum requirements.